Join us for this 3-day banjo workshop aimed at teaching accessible techniques to add color to your traditional playing or take you beyond bluegrass. Regardless of your favorite styles, the Banjo Summit will expand your expertise and inspire countless new ideas that will raise your playing to new heights.

May 2-4, 2019

Fort Collins, Colorado, usa


Adam Larrabee, Jayme Stone, Wes Corbett, Gina Furtado (Clowes), Jake Schepps, and resident guitarist Ross Martin


TESTIMONIALS from 2018 camp

“The Banjo Summit was a deep dive into many topics that are rarely explored on the banjo. I came away with many new ideas and more excited than ever to work on the instrument. The quality of both the faculty and students was extremely high, which lead to productive and inspiring sessions.”

“A very intensive and ear-opening three days. I found myself smiling a lot at all the unusual musical phrases I was being bombarded with–from the instructors AND students.”

“I have been to a handful of camps in my years of playing but Banjo Summit has been the one where I have gotten the most out of experience. All the staff were incredibly knowledgeable and willing to share their banjo know how. The diverse classes taught meant that I could pick and choose what interested me most and the way the classes were set up meant that we could dive deep into the chosen topic.”

By far and away this has been the most carefully thought out, constructed, and executed music camp I’ve ever been to. Not only were the instructors top notch teachers, they’re some of the best musicians I’ve ever encountered. I met many new friends, gained a lifetime’s worth of study material, and feel like I enriched my life in deeper ways of thinking not just musically. Truly a life changing experience.”

“I feel like the biggest benefit I gained from the camp was the motivating sensation of being around a very small community of dedicated people who are passionate about exploring new territory on the banjo and determined to take it to its limits.”